Why is this important?

Everyone who works in our hospitals sees the damage that tobacco smoke does, and many people would not need hospital treatment if they didn’t smoke.

We know that there is a way out of smoking for everyone, and we recognise that by supporting people to stop smoking, we can help them benefit more from the care we give, recover faster and avoid future visits to hospital, illness and early death.

We are asking everyone who works, attends, or visits our hospital sites to refrain from smoking at all times. We accept that this will be harder for some people than for others. So if you will find it hard, we are asking you to swap your smoked tobacco for a less harmful alternative, such as a vape whilst you are on site.

To support this, all our hospital sites are vape-friendly, which means that you are welcome to vape on site, as long as you are outside and your vaping is not causing a nusance to others and you are vaping away from entrances, doors and windows.

By helping us to make our hospitals Smokefree you are supporting the efforts of our NHS staff and making it easier for our patients who are not smoking whilst in hospital.

If you find it difficult not to smoke whilst you are visiting one of our sites, then please ask a member of staff about the free help available, or click here now to find out what support is available for free near you.

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